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Bistro ATLI - BISTRO LA ATORI -/ Bar atrii ~ Bar le Atori ~

【Hotel direct management】There are "bistro atri" which provides food using high-grade ingredients and local ingredients based on French, Italian, Spanish and standing bar "Baratri" which you can enjoy authentic tapas and alcohol in a casual way.

Reserve·Contact us, TEL 092-524-2121

Fukuoka 1-1-23, Takasago, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Toei Hotel 1F, "Nishitetsu Yakuin Station 4 minutes on foot," a walk from the Nishitetsu bus "Watanabe-dori 1chome Bank of Bank" 1 min.

    "Bistro atri", BISTRO LA ATORI
    Based on French, Italian, Spanish, you can enjoy a wide selection of sake, including fine dishes and local ingredients and carefully selected wines.
    【Opening Hours】
    〔Breakfast〕 7: 00 to 10: 00(LO 9: 30)
    〔Lunch〕 From 11:30 to 14:30 (LO 14:00)
    〔Dinner〕 From 17:30 to 22:00(LO 21: 30) ※ Sunday and public holidays 17:30 to 21:30(LO 21: 00)
    【Number of seats】 Total seating capacity 64 seats
    (Counter seat 12 seats·Private room 4 people 4 tables·Terrace seating 3 person seats 1 table)
    ☆Private room permitted, ☆screen·projector·With sound
    ※Please contact us.
    • Summer Atori Course ~ summer Atri course -
      【Period】 2019 June 1(soil)~ August 31 (soil)
      ※Closed on August 10 (Sat)-August 18 (Sun) Order Buffet Period
      【Charge】 ¥ 2,680(tax excluded)/1 person
      ☆Plus ¥ 1,300 (excluding tax) and all you can drink (120 minutes)

      □ Bagna cauda of summer vegetables
      □ Junius and Tapioca cocktails
      □ Edamame mousse and raw ham bruschetta
      □ Fresh fish carpaccio and eggplant balsamicomaline
      □ Amber burgundy butter baked
      □ Charcoal-grilled mist (beef·Lamb meat and sausage)
      □ Raw pasta solentina
      □ Today's dessert
      • Summer Atori Course ~ summer of Atri course -


        All-you-can-drink beer, wine, cocktail, hard cider, shochu, plum wine, soft drinks at plus ¥ 1,300 (excluding tax)!
        1 person / ¥ 2,680(tax excluded)
        Period available:
        2019, June 1(soil)~ August 31 (soil)
    • Summer Order buffet
       ☆☆ Bistro atri's order buffet ☆☆
         ≪Limited Time Only≫All 15 kinds of items are all you can eat!
      Mainly "Meat Charcoal Grill, Pasta, Nigiri Sushi" All 15 varieties of all you can eat! "
      All you can drink for adult plus ¥ 1,000 (excluding tax)!
      Let's have fun with your family and friends in the open kitchen with a sense of openness in the open kitchen!

      【Period】 2019 August 10(soil)~ August 18 (Day)
      【Charge】 Adult ¥ 2,500, Primary schoolchild ¥ 1,000, Infant ¥ 600, (tax excluded)

    • "Bistro Atori", ~A la carte menu~
      【Ozaki beef xBistro Atori】 Ozaki bean pot with a phantom appeared new!

      【Fukuoka's only】 A viscous pot of "Phantom Cat" "Ozaki beef from Miyazaki Prefecture" use.
      Because of the rare site, Atori new appearance with limited quantity!
      You can order from one person!

      <Ozaki bean pans with vision>, limited quantity
      "Fee", ¥ 1,800(Tax Excluded)/For one person
      ※Because it is a rare site, I recommend you to make a reservation.
      【Additional menu】
      Champagne noodles, ¥ 250 (tax excluded)
      Ozaki beef holding, ¥ 800 (tax excluded)
      Vegetables, ¥ 300 (tax excluded)
      Risotto set, ¥ 250 (tax excluded)

      "Reservation benefits", Advance reservation customers only!
      Offer at half price for the number of people!

      ¥ 1,800(tax excluded)/For one person
  • "Bar Attri", ~Bar le Atori~

    "Bar Attri", Bar le Atori

    Fukuoka's first European standing bar, where you can enjoy delicious casual cuisine in an open and outdoor environment, is a fashionable adult space.

    【Opening Hours】
    〔Lunch〕 From 11:30 to 14:30 (LO 14:00)
    〔Dinner〕 ※Currently reservation only sales

    【Number of seats】 Total number of seats 20 seats, Approximately 30 standings available
    ☆Private room permitted
    ※Please contact us.
    • Biar in summer, ~Barbeque at Bar le Atori~
       ≪Limited Season≫Handy and easy BBQ!
               Bar le Atori Summer beer!

      □sirloin steak (100g per person)
      □Snow Crab
      □Itoshima pork shoulder loin
      □Rotisserie chicken
      □Long sausage
      □2 kinds of grilled vegetables
      □Assorted Bagna cauda and edamame
      □French fries
      ※There is also an additional a la carte menu.
      • Summer Barabal-Barbeque at Bar le Atori

        Biar in summer

        All-you-can-drink beer, wine, cocktail, hard cider, shochu, plum wine, soft drinks at plus ¥ 1,300 (excluding tax)!
        Solo Traveler/¥ 2,680 (tax excluded)
        Period available:
        June 1, 2019(soil)To August 31, 2019 (soil)
    • "Bar atri Limited", Cow streak curry rice
      【Baratri Limited】
      "Cow streak curry lunch" with salad

      Curry lunch in an open space!
      Lunchtime Bal Atoll's exclusive lunch menu!

      【time】11:30 to 14:30 (LO 14:00)
      ~topping, ALL ¥ 100(tax included)~
      ◆Spring yellow egg hot spring egg
      ◆Fry domestic chicken breast meat
      ◆Hokkaido baron dude's croquette
      ◆Fly surprised pumpkin
      ¥ 600 (tax included)
    • For reservations / inquiries from here

      Tel, 092-524-2121
  • 【TAKE OUT】 Bistro la Atori


    Bistro Attribe specialties! ~Rotisserie chicken~

    Marinated carefully with secret spice, I baked it in a private oven!
    Ideal for home parties.

    【Period】 All Year
    【Charge】 ¥ 1,700 (tax excluded)
    ※Reservation system up to 2 days in advance

    ◆A whole chicken(3 servings - 4 servings)
    ◆French fries
    • 【TAKE OUT】 Attribution special! "Rotisserie chicken"

        【Reservation required】

        Reservation system up to 2 days in advance
        ¥ 1,700(tax excluded)
        Period available:
        All Year
    • For reservations / inquiries from here

      Tel, 092-524-2121

    ☆A rich menu such as "Daily lunch" on weekdays, "Daily pasta lunch", "Limited meat menu"!
    All the lunch menu has a salad buffet! Set bread, rice instead of "free"! Please enjoy lunch menu of super size "Bistro ATLI"!

    【time】 11:30 to 14:30 (LO 14:00)

    ~Popular MENU~
    ◆Daily lunch, ¥ 830, ※Weekdays Only
    ◆Daily alternative pasta lunch, ¥ 850
    ◆Chef's passion Hamburg, ¥ 850

    ~Limited menu~
    ◆Ozaki beef hamburg, ¥ 1,390
    ◆Ozaki beef's beef, ¥ 1,390
    ◆Beef tongue with rice, ¥ 1,270
    In addition, various menus are prepared!

        【Special Advantages】

        "Weekday get lunch" Drinks & desserts are given to those who ordered the lunch menu after 13:00!
        ¥ 830(tax excluded)~
        Period available:
        All Year
    • Bistro ATLI - BISTRO LA ATORI -/ Bar atri - Bar

      TEL 092-524-2121 
      Various charter parties and catering are also available.Please feel free to contact us.