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  • Bistro La Atori Take Out

【Limited Time Only]The bistro Atori take-out will end at 11:30 as soon as it is sold out!

Excellent open feeling! Marche style sale at "Bar La Atori"! (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

□ ■ □Lunch takeout lunch□■□

  • ≪Daily lunch with salad≫
    Popular menus such as hamburgers and fried shrimp are changed daily!
    For details, please contact the store information or telephone.
    ¥ 750(tax included)
    ※The image is an example.
  • ≪Roasted beef lunch with salad≫
    Itoshima pork and beef sirloin mixed yakiniku bento!
    It is a super size.
    ¥ 780(tax included)

□ ■ □vacuum pack(frozen)□■□

  • 【vacuum pack】Homemade bacon tomato pasta
    Homemade bistro ateri pasta!
    With homemade bacon sauce and 90 g of raw pasta.
    ¥ 540(tax included)
    ※The image is an example of cooking.
  • 【vacuum pack】Toripa stew with tomato
    Stew specializing in chefs!
    Rich and thick with wine!
    ¥ 486(tax included)
    ※The image is an example of cooking.
  • 【vacuum pack】Stewed steak hamburger
    Bistro Atri,Proud hamburger!
    This price is 170gx2 volume!
    ¥ 918(tax included)
    ※The image is an example of cooking.
  • 【vacuum pack】Nuts and raisins tart
    Plenty of nuts and raisins!
    Simple adult taste.
    ¥ 540(tax included)
    ※The image is an arrangement example.

□ ■ □Others□■□

  • Party hors d'oeuvre
    ≪Reservation required until 17:00 the day before≫Super size hospitality hors d'oeuvre!
    18 dishes such as raw ham, seafood salad, fried food, and sushi rolls!
    ¥ 4,860(tax included)
  • Luxury hors d'oeuvre double tier
    ≪Reservation required until 17:00 the day before≫ Ichiju is made with "meat"!
    Niju is hors d'oeuvre such as prosciutto and sushi rolls.Great for every celebration!
    ¥ 7,560(tax included)
  • ≪Homemade dressing≫
    ◆Carrot dressing ¥ 324(tax included)
    ◆Hinata summer & onion dressing ¥ 270(tax included)
  • ≪Cooked takeout≫
    ◆Margherita ¥ 1,026(tax included)
    ◆Smoked salmon and mozzarella ¥ 1,080(tax included)
  • ≪Assorted hors d'oeuvres≫
    Fish dishes,W main hors d'oeuvre for meat dishes!
    2-3 servings
    ¥ 3,240(tax included)
  • ≪Appetizer platter≫
    About 10 kinds of homemade pork ham and homemade smoked salmon!
    To accompany sake!
    ¥ 1,944(tax included)
Inquiries / ReservationsFukuoka Toei Hotel 092-524-2121 Bistro Atli 092-524-2126