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Banquet Plan

  • Welcome and farewell party Thank-you party Party plan

    【Period】 March 1, 2020 (Sunday)-May 31, 2020(Sunday)  
    "Fee", Solo Traveler, ¥ 5,000(tax excluded)
    ☆It is a great banquet plan with all you can drink for gatherings with companies and associates.
    【Menu, All eight items】
    ◆Appetizer platter
    ◆Assorted fresh fish carpaccio
    ◆Duck and fava bean flan
    ◆Japanese mackerel nonome baked vegetable Julian ponzu butter sauce
    ◆Rotisserie Chicken with Tuscan-style Hokkaido potatoes
    ◆Grilled beef loin with spring vegetables
    ◆Assorted sushi and Izzari sushi platter
    ◆Seasonal dessert
    【All you can drink drink menu】
    beer/Wine(Red and white)/whisky/Highball/Shochu/Plum wine/Sake/Oolong Tea/Orange juice
  • Mommy Friends·Girls Association Banquet Pack

    It's okay even if there are young children! , Space of hotel banquet hall complete with slide, ball pool, picture book and so on.
    "Hours of use", 12:00 to 15:00, ※Available hours We will respond to consultation.
    ◇1 adult ¥ 2,500(tax included)   
    ◇Children meal available ¥ 1,500(tax included)
    ◇No meal for children ¥ 500(tax included)
    Chef Special Taste Ranch Plate
    The lunch plate changes daily.Look forward to what comes out.

  • Buffet party plan

    It is ideal for meetings aimed at exchanges with various people such as bridal secondary parties and various social gatherings.

    【Period】 All Year
    【Charge】 From ¥ 4,000 (excluding tax)/Solo Traveler
    【Number of persons 】 30 to 130
    【Cuisine】 10 buffet dishes 
         ※The content changes depending on the season.
    【drink】 All-you-can-drink(2 hours)
         Beer, sake, shochu (boiled rice, wheat), whiskey, wine, plum wine, oolong tea, orange juice

【BANQUET】 Banquet Hall

  • Banquet Hall ≪Annex 2F≫

    【Number of people in each venue】

    【Fuji no Ma】 Banana 160 people/Standing 200 people

    【Backlash】 Banquet 55/Standing 60 people

    【Tachibana】 Banquet 33 people/Standing for 40 people

    【Treasure】 Banquet 44/Standing 50 people

【MEETING ROOM】 Banquet rooms

  • Banquet rooms≪Annex 2F≫

    We accept special fees at banquets, conferences, exhibitions etc.For details, please contact the banquet representative.

    The large banquet hall can also be used for conference rooms, workshops, workshops and exhibitions.
    (Maximum seminar system 180 people)
    We will help you smooth progress with venue suitable for conference content and fine service.