【Official】Fukuoka Toei Hotel

~New Coronavirus Countermeasures~

【Dear Customer,】
Thank you for using Fukuoka Toei Hotel.
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Fukuoka Toei Hotel has taken the following infection prevention and infection spread prevention measures to protect the safe and secure environment of customers and employees.
【3 Implementation of honey avoidance measures】
·Acrylic boards are installed at the front counter and restaurant cashier counter.
·An alignment arrow will be installed in front of the front counter to secure an appropriate space.
·We perform regular ventilation.
【Request to disinfect with alcohol and wear a mask】
·In addition to alcoholic disinfection of each hotel facility and equipment, we have installed an alcoholic disinfectant at the entrance of each hotel facility, and we request that customers using the facility cooperate with hand disinfection and wear a mask.
【Overnight Stay】
·Please fill in the temperature check and health check sheet at check-in.
·Please present your ID at check-in.
【Hotel staff】
·We check the temperature when we go to work, wash our hands and gargle thoroughly.
·Some service staff wear masks and gloves.
【Restaurant sales】
·For the time being, we will reduce the number of seats and open a limited menu.The breakfast buffet will be served in a set-style style for the time being.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.

Go To Travel Campaign

  • 【Go To Travel Campaign】 Click here for coupon details! ≪click≫

    Make a reservation from the official website!
    35% discount on accommodation price + 15% equivalent regional coupon!

    This facility participates in the "Go To Travel Business" and is a target facility for the Go To Travel Campaign.
    To use the discounts for the Go To campaign, you must issue a coupon from the "STAY NAVI" coupon issue site for Go To travel campaign after making a reservation on this website.
    ※STAYNAVI is a coupon issue site.Reservation for accommodation is not possible.
    ※If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone.℡092-524-2121
  • 【Go To Travel]You can use regional coupons at BISTRO LA ATORI!

    "Bistro Atli" directly managed by Fukuoka Toei Hotel has been approved as a "regional common coupon" dealer in the Go To travel campaign business.Both "paper coupons" and "electronic coupons" can be used.
    《Limited Time Only》It's also great to use at Bistro Atli's "Senbero Set"!
    ◆Senbero set:2 glasses of alcohol (draft beer, shochu, highball, glass wine) + 3 snacks (one plate) 1,000 yen(tax included)
    ◇Bistro Atli (1st floor of the annex) Closed on Sundays
    〔Breakfast〕 7: 00 to 10: 00(LO 9: 30)
    〔Lunch〕 From 11:30 to 14:30 (LO 14:00)
    〔Dinner]From 17:30 to 21:00(LO 20:00)
  • 【Limited to STAY NAVI! 】Go To Travel Campaign Highway Tour Pass

    This facility is a "Go To Expressway Tour Pass Target" facility!
    After booking your stay on the official reservation site, you can purchase a highway tour pass at a reasonable price with a maximum discount of 35%!
    You can enjoy not only traveling by car but also traveling by touring.For example, "Kyushu unlimited ride plan 3 days" regular car 7,900 yen to 5,135 yen!
    ① You have an ETC card.(2) You have booked an accommodation facility that is eligible for the Go To Expressway Tour Pass, and have obtained a discount coupon at STAY NAVI.(3) The "travel price per person per night" calculated from the total travel price does not exceed 40,000 yen.
    Please see "STAY NABI Official Homepage" for details.≪Click≫

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Fukuoka Toei Hotel


1-1-23 Takasago, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City

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5 minutes by car from JR Hakata Station, 20 minutes by car from Fukuoka Airport, 3 minutes on foot from Nishitetsu Yakuin Station, 1 minute on foot from Subway Watanabe -dori Station
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