【Official】Fukuoka Toei Hotel

【heads up】Please be aware of fake sites pretending to be TOEI Hotel Chain Co., Ltd.

A suspicious website has been confirmed that appears to operate under the name of TOEI Hotel Chain, Ltd.Please note that we have no relationship with such sites.If you use a fraudulent site, your personal information may be obtained illegally, or you may suffer damage such as not receiving the product even if you make a payment, so please be careful.

【NEW]Shoe Shine service has started!

  • The finish of "craftsman polishing" at a specialty store.

    Depending on the condition of the shoes and the type of leather, we will polish it with craftsmanship and selected shoe care items.Please utilize the finish of the shoe shine specialty store for tomorrow's business.

    ◇Please order to the front desk by 0:00 on the day.
    ◇Finish at 6 o'clock the next morning

    ◆Shoe Shine Course ¥ 1,200(tax included)
    ◆Premium Shine Course ¥ 3,300(tax included)
    ◎ Sterilization / deodorant option ¥ 100(tax included)
    ◎ Waterproof option ¥ 100(tax included)


  • You can eat in as well as take out!

    Basque-style cheese cake using two types of cream cheese containing Italian mascarpone is recommended!

    【Menu]※This is an example because it is irregular and subject to change.
    ◆Basque-style cheese cake cut/¥ 380 hole(15cm)/¥ 2,315
    ◆Gorgonzola Basque Cheese Cake cut/¥ 400
    ◆Almond raisin stick cheesecake cut/¥ 270
    ◆Seasonal fruit and nut tart cut/¥ 380 ·other
    ※Please ask the staff for details.
    ※Amount excluding tax(Eat-in 10%, take-out 8%)

Lunch delivery has started!

  • 【Bistro La Atori]Western-style kaiseki lunch ¥ 2,000(tax included)

    We will deliver it to the venue for meetings, seminars and various events.
    We accept orders by phone at least two days before the date of use.
    Ozaki Beef thigh roast beef, grilled turban shell burgundy butter, fried shrimp persimmon
    Vegetable frit, cooked chicken and vegetables, deep-fried cutlass fish, terrine
    Grilled mackerel sushi, salmon salmon roe, rice, dessert
    ※Some contents may change depending on the purchase situation and the season.

    ■Free delivery from 5 pieces.
    ■Delivery area Chuo Ward, Hakata Ward, Jonan Ward, Minami Ward
    ※Please feel free to contact us for details. ☎092-524-2121 To the reservation clerk

Toei Hotel Online Store

  • TOEI Hotel Chain Online Store New Open!

    BISTRO LA ATORI's western confectionery sold 200 per day at the "Mitsukoshi Fukuoka" pop-up shop.Lineup of the most popular "Basque Cheesecake"!
    We will deliver hotel gems to your home or gifts.

Traffic guide

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Hotel Name

Fukuoka Toei Hotel


1-1-23 Takasago, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City

Telephone number



5 minutes by car from JR Hakata Station, 20 minutes by car from Fukuoka Airport, 3 minutes on foot from Nishitetsu Yakuin Station, 1 minute on foot from Subway Watanabe -dori Station
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March 27, 2023 (Monday) Fukuoka City Subway Nanakuma Line will open

  • Convenient access from Fukuoka Airport!

    ≪Access≫ About 20 minutes to the hotel!
    Fukuoka Airport Station ⇔ Watanabe-dori Station (1 transfer) Fare ¥260
    【Fukuoka Airport Station】 > Subway Airport Line ⑤ minutes>
    【Airport Line Hakata Station】>3 minutes on foot after changing trains>
    【Nanakuma Line Hakata Station】>Subway Nanakuma Line ⑥ minutes>
    【Watanabedori Subway Station】>Go to Exit 1>
    1 minute walk to the ground from the Kyosokan building side exit from the Denki Bldg. underpass>
    Cross the traffic lights at the intersection of Watanabe-dori 1-chome and walk to the right for 1 minute>
    【Fukuoka Toei Hotel】

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