【Official】Fukuoka Toei Hotel

~New Coronavirus Countermeasures~

【Dear Customer,】
Thank you for using Fukuoka Toei Hotel.
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Fukuoka Toei Hotel has taken the following infection prevention and infection spread prevention measures to protect the safe and secure environment of customers and employees.
【3 Implementation of honey avoidance measures】
·Acrylic boards are installed at the front counter and restaurant cashier counter.
·An alignment arrow will be installed in front of the front counter to secure an appropriate space.
·We perform regular ventilation.
【Request to disinfect with alcohol and wear a mask】
·In addition to alcoholic disinfection of each hotel facility and equipment, we have installed an alcoholic disinfectant at the entrance of each hotel facility, and we request that customers using the facility cooperate with hand disinfection and wear a mask.
【Overnight Stay】
·Please fill in the temperature check and health check sheet at check-in.
·Please present your ID at check-in.
【Hotel staff】
·We check the temperature when we go to work, wash our hands and gargle thoroughly.
·Some service staff wear masks and gloves.
【Restaurant sales】
·An acrylic board is installed in the seat.


  • You can eat in as well as take out!

    Basque-style cheese cake using two types of cream cheese containing Italian mascarpone is recommended!

    【Menu]※This is an example because it is irregular and subject to change.
    ◆Basque-style cheese cake cut/¥ 380 hole(15cm)/¥ 2,315
    ◆Gorgonzola Basque Cheese Cake cut/¥ 400
    ◆Almond raisin stick cheesecake cut/¥ 270
    ◆Seasonal fruit and nut tart cut/¥ 380 ·other
    ※Please ask the staff for details.
    ※Amount excluding tax(Eat-in 10%, take-out 8%)

2022 New Year dishes-Reservations have started-

  • You can also enjoy a marriage with wine and champagne.

    This year as well, we have prepared three items: "Japanese-European three-tiered weight" that uses carefully selected ingredients, and "Select two-tiered weight" that allows you to choose between traditional Japanese weight and European-style weight or meat samadhi.Limited number for each group.We recommend that you apply early.

    【Reservation deadline】December 26(Sunday)※Please understand the limited number sale and out of stock section.
    【Product delivery date】December 31(Friday)
    【How to receive】Delivery (charged) or pick-up at the museum
    ※Please see the 2022 New Year's page for details.

    Reservation method:We are accepting reservations by phone.
    ☎092-524-2121 To the reservation clerk

<Million Thanks!> 40th Anniversary Year

  • ~Thanks to you, Fukuoka Toei Hotel is celebrating its 40th anniversary this spring.~

    It has been 40 years since it opened as "Toei Inn Hakata
    In 1994, with the opening of the new building, the name was changed to the current "Fukuoka Toei Hotel", and in 2019 the main building was renewed and is now.
    We are grateful to the many customers who have supported us.

    【Thank you Rate】 Anniversary planning accommodation plan!
    【Thanks to you, 40th anniversary of opening】【Limited number sale】For business trips and sightseeing! Anniversary☆Simple stay plan without meals!
    ※Click the link below for details on the fair!

Lunch delivery has started!

  • 【Bistro La Atori]Western-style kaiseki lunch ¥ 2,000(tax included)

    We will deliver it to the venue for meetings, seminars and various events.
    We accept orders by phone at least two days before the date of use.
    Ozaki Beef thigh roast beef, grilled turban shell burgundy butter, fried shrimp persimmon
    Vegetable frit, cooked chicken and vegetables, deep-fried cutlass fish, terrine
    Grilled mackerel sushi, salmon salmon roe, rice, dessert
    ※Some contents may change depending on the purchase situation and the season.

    ■Free delivery from 5 pieces.
    ■Delivery area Chuo Ward, Hakata Ward, Jonan Ward, Minami Ward
    ※Please feel free to contact us for details. ☎092-524-2121 To the reservation clerk

Telework support campaign

  • ≪From 9:00 to 19:00≫You can stay for up to 10 hours! Telework-only day use plan!

    Due to its popularity, the period will be extended!
    Work Bali concentrated in the hotel room! Support price with a telework exclusive plan! Until 2021/8/30
    【Special price for a limited time】¥ 2,500(tax included)※Solo Traveler/One room
    【stay]From 9:00 to 19:00
    ※Your favorite time within the above time(Available for up to 10 hours)
    【Plan Details】
    ■Equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi
    ■You can go out on the way
    ■Print service available at the front desk(From 10 yen for a fee)
    ※Bed amenities are not available for teleworking only.
    【Reservation / Details】☎092-524-2121

【Corporate welcome】Monthly long stay plan from "staying" to "living"!

  • Ideal for business work!  30 consecutive nights Man Sleep plan! ¥ 90,000(tax included)

    【Plan Details】
    Room Type:Superior Twin 30㎡(Non-smoking)
    payment:At the time of pre-payment or check-in(non refundable)
    cleaning:Once every 3 days(Towel change every day)
    Facilities:High speed free WiFi / coin laundry(Toll)
    【Special Advantages】
    ① Breakfast usually ¥ 1,500 to ¥ 500(tax included)
    ② 20% off at any time using the restaurant
    ※This plan will be booked by phone. For details and reservations, please contact the Accommodation Reservation Section ☎092-524-2121 

It is a hotel that can be used for "Fukuoka's Confinement Trip"!

  • The third tourism campaign for citizens of the prefecture!

    The third "Fukuoka Constriction Trip" tourism campaign for citizens of Fukuoka, where people living in Fukuoka Prefecture can enjoy a reasonable trip to the prefecture, has been on sale since July 26, 2021.
    Because of this time, Fukuoka is a different place to travel than usual.
    Fukuoka Toei Hotel is available!
    Click here for purchase details!

Traffic guide

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Hotel Name

Fukuoka Toei Hotel


1-1-23 Takasago, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City

Telephone number



5 minutes by car from JR Hakata Station, 20 minutes by car from Fukuoka Airport, 3 minutes on foot from Nishitetsu Yakuin Station, 1 minute on foot from Subway Watanabe -dori Station
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【Notifications]There is a station on the hotel grounds!

  • Times car sharing"Times car"

    For tourism and business!
    It is convenient for Times members!
    We have 3 units installed on the hotel premises.
    Click the image to use it!

    ■Fukuoka Toei Hotel No. 1
    ■Fukuoka Toei Hotel No. 2
    Basic/Yaris Cross(hybrid)
    ※As of October 27, 2021

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