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  2. Japanese style wind oseagi

Japanese style wind oseagi


It is a gorgeous gorgeous osechi who used carefully selected ingredients such as "Oshiki beef of phantom" and Kyushu. Please enjoy Japanese and European marriage.
  • Japanese style wind oseseeki, 2019

    • BISTRIO LA ATORI Western style windows Osechi, 2019

      【Limited Sale】

      3 steps "210 x 210 mm", 43 items, For 4 to 5 people, ※Because there is a limit on the quantity sold, please pardon when out of stock.
      ¥ 21,600 (tax included)
      Period available:
      【The deadline】December 26(water)/【Delivery date】December 31 (Month)
  • 2 heaviness, ~Trench style~

    ·Escabech of red sea bream from Kyushu
    ·Lobster Thermidor
    ·Aurora custard
    ·Pate de Campagne
    ·Petit tomato pickles
    ·Yagane root lotus
    ·Prawn shrimp
    ·Camembert cheese
    ·French caviar
    ·Sweet-and-burned wakame
    ·Seasoned bison
  • Weight of participation, ~Phantom Ozaki beef~

    ·Chicken mentaiko crepe
    ·Ichimatsu persimmon roll
    ·Ozaki beef roast beef
    ·Pork Tongine
    ·Bologna sausage
    ·Iberico sausage brioche
    ·Duck Riette
    ·Brown sugar roast pork
    ·It's fruit.
    ·Country style bacon putty
    ·green olives
    ·Meatloaf pie packet
    ·Baked pickled roast of colorful vegetables